The Jigawa State Government intends to undertake the CONSTRUCTION/REHABILITATION OF ROADS ACROSS THE STATE and is hereby inviting interested reputable Civil Engineering Companies to submit their pre-qualification documents which include copies of the under listed and obtained the required tender documents at a non-refundable fee of five hundred thousand Naira (#500,000.00) only from the office of the Director Planning, Research & Statistics, Ministry of Works and Transport, Dutse – Jigawa State not later than two (2) weeks from the date of this publication.


Rehabilitation of Gwaram-Basirka Road 63km with a completion period of twelve (12) months

Reconstruction of Sections of Abunabo – Chapchapno – Lafiyari – Kadira – Guri Road (Phase III of the Eastern Bye-Pass) 2.4km with a completion period three (3) Months

Construction of Ringim Township Roads 4.4km with a completion period of ten (10) Months


Lot 1
Scarification of the failed sections with stone base at critical sections, spot improvement, construction of new box culverts, provision of 150mm lateritic sub-base and base course on carriageway and shoulder and asphaltic concrete overlay of the entire 63km road section,

Lot 2 Scarification of the failed sections with filling for failed sections and embankments, construction of new box culverts, provision of 150mm lateritic sub-base and base course on carriageway and shoulder with asphaltic concrete overlay on carriage way of the repairs sections.

Lot 3
Construction of asphalt road network and drainage as per bill of engineering measurement and evaluation as contained in the bidding documents.

1. Certificate of Incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission,
2. Certified true copy of memorandum and Article of Association;
3. Evidence of Registration with Jigawa State Works Registration Board;
4. Registration with Jigawa State Ministry of Commerce (Business
5. Tax Clearance for the last three (3) years.
6. Audited account for the last one (1) year;
7. VAT Registration certificate and evidence of remittance;
8. Evidence of financial capability and Banking support;
9. Company average annual Turnover of not less than #500.0m;
10. Evidence of similar project executed (letter of award and completion certificate) at least three (3) in the last five (5) years; Premises)
11. Company’s profile including names of key professional staff registered with relevant professional bodies (COREN, CORBON, QSRBN, ARCON etc);
12. That the company have fulfilled all obligations to pay taxes, pensions and social security contributions;
13. A sworn affidavit certifying as follows:
i. That the document submitted for the pre-qualification exercises are not only genuine but correct
ii. That none of the directors of the company has been convicted by any court of law
iii. That the company is not bankrupt
iv. That none of the officers of Jigawa State/Local Government is a present or former director of the company.
v. Any other relevant information that will help in determining the company’s suitability for the work;

Pre-qualification and financial bids shall be submitted in two different sealed envelopes and labeled “Pre-qualification bid” and “Financial bid” respectively with the company’s name indicated at the back of each envelope. Both envelopes should be placed in a sealed third envelope addressed and delivered to the office of the Permanent Secretary, Jigawa State Ministry of Works and Transport, and not later than Friday 4th September, 2020 by 12noon.

All documents for submission must be transmitted with a forwarding letter duly signed by company representative under the company’s Letter Headed Paper bearing the CAC Registration number (RC), Contact address, Telephone number (Preferably GSM number) and e-mail address.

The Financial bid should contain a bid security of not less than 2% of the quoted bid. The bid validity period should be ninety (90) days from the deadline of the bid submission date.

Only technical bids shall be opened immediately after the deadline of the bid submission date.

i. Bids submitted after the deadline for submission will be returned un-opened;
ii. Only the financial bids of successful pre-qualified bidders will be opened, while those for the unsuccessful bidders will be returned un-opened;
iii. This advert shall not be construed as commitment on the part of the Jigawa State Ministry of Works and Transport nor shall it entail a company to make any claim(s) whatsoever and/or to seek any indemnity from the Jigawa State Ministry of Works and Transport by virtue of such company having responded to this advertisement;
iv. All costs will be borne by the bidders as the Jigawa State Ministry of Works Transport will not be held responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by any and interested party (i.e) in connection with any response to this invitation;
v. The Jigawa State Ministry of Works and Transport reserves the right to annul the procurement process at any time without incurring any liabilities;
vi. Alternative bid will not be accepted
vii. Bidders with the same subsidiary relationship are not allowed to partake in the same lot.

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Works & Transport

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